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David Bordwell Blog

Dave Kehr Blog

Fernando F. Croce – Cinepassion

de Filmkrant-World Wide Angle-Adrian Martin Column

Girish Shambu Blog

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky Blog – sound, images

Jacques Rivette: Order of the Exile

J. Hoberman Website

Jonathan Rosenbaum Website

Lola Journal

Orson Welles History –

Rouge Journal

Richard Brody Blog

Serge Daney in English

Toronto Film Review

Sound on Sight

The Vulgar Cinema


All is Lost

Behind the Candelabra

La collectionneuse

Days of Being Wild (capsule review)

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (capsule review)

Don Jon

Intercut Best of 2013 (co-written with Caleb Caswell and Curtis Alexander)

Kill Your Darlings

Killer’s Kiss (capsule review)

Like Someone in Love

Lolita (capsule review)

Ms. 45

Murder by Contract (capsule review)

Only God Forgives

Only Lovers Left Alive


The Place Beyond the Pines

Side Effects

To the Wonder

A Touch of Sin

The Woman on the Beach (capsule review)



The Alumni of Cahiers du cinema

An Angel of Death: Maps to the Stars

Body Double

Bunuel in Order: Susana

Bunuel in Order: Los Olvidados

Bunuel in Order: El Gran Calavera

Bunuel in Order: Gran Casino

Bunuel in Order: Las Hurdes

Bunuel in Order: L’age d’Or

Bunuel in Order: Un Chien Andalou

Death in American neo-Noir

High-tech collectivities of desire: on Demonlover

Learning from early Godard

A Look Back at Cannes Winners from the 1960s: “If…“: sixties angst

Nouvelle Vague

On As Tears Go By

On Body Double

On Boy Meets Girl

On The Canterbury Tales

On The Departure

On Full Metal Jacket

On Rendez-vous

On Syndromes and a Century

On That Day, On the Beach

Our Sunhi: digging deeper into Hong Sang-soo

Prenom: Carmen

Rock and Roll: Deadly Outlaw Rekka

Soderbergh’s schizoanalysis of everything and nothing

The Unexpected Virtue of Suicide or Birdman

“Why Have You Come?” — Days of Eclipse

A Woman on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown: on Opening Night